In-Home Voice Acting Desk

May – August 2017

OBJECTIVES: Having been involved with music and sound since my youth, I’ve always wanted to build sound proofing acoustic panels. I’ve had rough ideas and designs in my head for years but never a specific project to execute them on. Along came Amber, the start of her voice acting career in 2017, and we hit the ground running.

The main goals were sound quality above all else, and budget and flexibility next. Tossing ideas back and forth, we established that we would rearrange the room based on sound and use her existing desk as a foundation for the upgrades rather than starting from scratch.

Check out the images and descriptions below for a full understanding of the project start to finish.


Every step of the way we could hear the sound quality improving; especially the earliest stages. Comparing her voice work from the beginning of the year, the difference could not be more noticeable. Fellow voice actors Amber is involved with give regular compliments to her voice acting and the quality of the audio now.

Future iterations and additions will see new smaller panels built, and going up around the desk in a floating manner. These will be mounted at angles to help further reflect room sound away from the mic and absorb it at the source.

To hear her voice work in action, or to contact Amber please visit the following:

Casting Call Club

Behind The Voice Actors

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