Building The Globe pt1

Feb – July 2017

CONCEPT: A set-build tying together many elements of J. Aldric Gaudet’s writings for use in book trailers, and future video series.

“The Shakespeare Light series are prose editions of his plays updated and edited from original sources and adjusted for 400 years of language development.

We chose the world famous Globe Theatre as our foundation for the visual components of story-telling future uses. Below is a gallery of the build for the prototype with brief descriptions of each phase.


With the base and structure of the build complete, more detailed work on the face of the theatre’s back wall began. The main medium for the build will be on video. Therefore, the shadows that would be cast and the interplay of light on the different planes of the detail work were the main priority. Keeping true and perfect to scale was less a factor than how the ratios of all elements would appear to the moving camera.


RESULTS: the prototype build was a total joy and a total success. We have already shot multiple small clips using the prototype mini Globe Theatre. Further in-depth looks will appear here as videos are released. Here’s a sneak peak of the stage when lit for camera, and viewed from the rafters.

Evan 8-09-2017