Building A Board Game pt1

June – July 2017  WORK IN PROGRESS

CONCEPT: I’ve been an avid fan of games of all mediums and formats my entire life; fortunately that joy has translated well to family life here in Canada. During a recent project build for J. Aldric Gaudet, the spark of an idea came for a custom board game where half of the fun for the players is creating the board and ground rules for each round. The board and the game evolve with the players as they see fit.

With summer break on the horizon for my daughter, it was the perfect time to start thinking about, discussing, and play-testing the idea. While working on other projects and before the school year wrapped up, I gave her the idea and some of the objectives and said “go for it!” She helped pin down the underlying rules and concepts to get the build started.

BUILD: A couple months later, weeks of hand-painting squares are complete, and we’ve got the first working version of the game. We plan on expanding it further with another round of 100 customizable squares, chance cards, character stats, themed areas, and maybe even enemies.



RESULTS: The game ended up being a quasi-combination of Monopoly, Parcheesi, Dungeons&Dragons, and Sorry! – but even in this early and unfinished state it’s already a ton of fun and that’s a great sign. Additionally, play-through’s can be customized with different rules and characters depending on what the players want.

Evan 7-10-2017